Alyssa Connor (Topusidis)

LPL Financial Advisor

Phone: 408-963-2862



My name is Alyssa Connor and I am a financial advisor with LPL Financial. I love what I do, much in part because of the relationships I have with those I get to work with.

I can work with anyone in any career on wealth management and retirement planning but many of my clients are in the education system or public services.

Being from a small community in the Santa Cruz Mountains, I have always had respect and gratitude for the people that educated me and truly gave our small town it's “roots.” I have always remained close to home and after getting my college degrees in Southern California (Santa Monica College and Cal State Northridge), I relocated back north to remain close to family and friends. If you want to get me talking for hours, I am very passionate about professional sports (NFL and MLB mainly, but my husband keeps me in the loop with the NBA as well).

Over the years, I have hosted workshops and seminars focusing on the Teacher's Pension System, the Public Employee's Retirement System, Social Security and how they all effect one another in retirement.

My typical retirement plan begins with pension maximizing and defining what income can be expected for a desired retirement age. Next, we look at current assets, the time frame we have for each financial goal, and review the options available. After analyzing the whole picture, I will make recommendations for working towards goals, helping to reduce taxes, and often times building retirement savings to supplement the pension income.

My clients that are nearing retirement or are already retired, we focus on developing a distribution strategy, tax efficiency, and making sure money lasts throughout retirement. Often, we will discuss long-term care needs and whether a policy is appropriate. It is always important to revisit our wealth transfer plans to make sure assets are transferred to beneficiaries as efficiently as possible.

At any stage in life or career, whether someone is seeking assistance with just a retirement savings account, or would like an overall retirement plan, I am committed to acting in my client best interests to work with them on their goals.

My goal is to assure that my clients entering retirement or planning for a financial goal do so with confidence and feel like they are taken care of.